Manpower Supply

We are the professional manpower supplier for the roles of Mechanical , Electrical and Field Operator personnels in Petrochemical Industry.

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Electrical System Integrator

At C-Tech, we are the electrical system integrator for engineered-to-order electrical system for petrochemical plants such as Varied Speed Drive System , Protection System and Cabinet Fabrication.

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Technical Training

C-Tech has long history providing Predictive Maintenance and Root Cause Failure Analysis Training. The training contains both theory and technical practices from Refinery Best Practices and Case Studies.

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Generator and Motor Maintenance

Our Team has long time history and references in maintenance motor and generator, ranging from PM , Pdm through Corrective Maintenance.

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Predictive Maintenance & Spectrum Analysis

Our C-Tech team is specialized in conducting plant-wide Predictive Maintenance Program by using Industrial Standard Techniques such as Vibration Spectrum Analysis and Motor Current Analysis.

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Fabrication Works

Poseidon Engineering has good references in Engineering and Mechnical Fabricating business in Petrochemical and Power Industries. 

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